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Dear Valued Customers,

Sincerely welcome to Korea Alloy Valve website.
We KAV founded in 1983, have specialized in manufacturing and developing
stainless steel & alloy valve used for marine & shipbuilding,
atomic power, Liquefied natural gas(LNG), environmental facilities,
petrochemicals, & similar facilities.

As for as out products produced by KAV are concerned, they have passed
through strict production process and thorough quality test in accordance
with the provisions of ISO9001, API6D, CE PED & other regulations over
past 40 years to guarantee their top-quality and customer service.
In addition, we have been ceaselessly striving towards
management innovation, technical development, & ability
cultivation based on our customer-oriented and
quality-oriented management philosophy.

We promise to give you optimum satisfaction over our quality, price, delivery
and customer service.

Thank you very much.

Dong-Keun Lee

121, Seobu-ro 1637 beon-gil, Juchon-myeon,
Gimhae-si, Gyeongsangnam-do, Republic of Korea
TEL : +82-55-337-4917~6 / FAX : +82-55-337-4917 / E-MAIL :
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